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The Assisted Family
A family may receive a voucher by signing up for the waiting list, and then waiting. Many families need rental assistance so HK has a long waiting list. We open the list for new sign-ups only every few years, and then only for a few days. HK advertises these times in advance. Many more people sign up than there are vouchers available. It may take a year or two for a family to come to the top of the waiting list. When it does, HK determines if the family is eligible and suitable. This means HK looks at their income and checks for any criminal history or previous problems. If the family passes the income and background check, meets other guidelines and agrees to follow program rules, it will receive a voucher. It is the family's responsibility to follow all the rules. If they don't, HK may remove them from the Program.


HK lets the family know how much of their rent the voucher will pay. The family pays the difference between what HK pays and the total of the rent and utilities. At first, the family pays between 30% and 40% of its monthly-adjusted income towards rent and utilities. After the first year, a family may choose to pay more than 40%.


The value of a voucher is based on a payment standard set by HUD, and takes into account fair market rents in a community. To decide how much it can pay, HK uses the payment standard for the number of bedrooms on the voucher or in the rental unit, whichever is smaller. The number of bedrooms a family qualifies for is based on rules. In general, spouses share a room and two children of the same sex share a room.


Once a family receives a voucher, it has 60 days to find a place to rent. The choice of housing is up to the family, but the chosen home must be safe and in good repair. Once the dwelling passes inspection, HK will approve it as long as the rent is reasonable and within the limits the Program can pay.

The Owner
The owner is responsible for screening and choosing the family as tenants. While HK does a criminal background check on all adults, the owner should check the criminal background of all prospective tenants and their credit and prior rental history. Landlords may turn down a voucher holder for not passing such screening, even if they have no criminal history.


Once the lease is signed, the owner has all the normal obligations as a landlord that state law imposes. The owner must provide a safe and livable dwelling and respect the family's privacy. He or she must provide all required services. Finally, the owner is responsible to enforce the lease against a tenant who breaks the rules.


Housing Kitsap's job is to enforce the rules of the Voucher Program with both the tenant and the owner and pay its share of the rent.


HK also tries to help both owner and tenant understand and comply with their responsibilities.


Housing Kitsap's (HK) Housing Choice Voucher program is administered by the Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA). If you are interested in the HCV program, please call BHA at their Main Number: (360) 479-3694.

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