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Mission Statement



Housing Kitsap manages, preserves and builds safe affordable housing serving individuals, families and communities throughout Kitsap County.



We will focus on (1) meeting all of our regulatory, compliance and debt obligations, (2) rebuilding capacity, both internally and externally to further our mission, and (3) plan for the future. During this period, we will expand our portfolio by 100 new units through prudent acquisitions and new and re-development of properties, reposition our public housing, create 150 home ownership opportunities. During the planning period, we will support the increased supply of affordable housing options in the county for the most vulnerable, for low and moderate income households and for the work force. We will actively engage in initiatives launched by our community partners. And, we will expand and support opportunities for resident participation and encourage self-determination and self-sufficiency.



    1. Improve operations to increase efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs to meet all debt and compliance obligations
    2. Focus on the core mission to ensure diverse affordable housing throughout the county
    3. Enhance and expand advocacy efforts, community outreach, public relations and partner relationships
    4. Invest, expand and improve organization effectiveness
    5. Expand services, partnerships and programs for residents