Housing Kitsap

Update My Wait List File


If you have an information update, such as a change in address or phone number, change in income or employer, change in where you would be willing to own a home, proof collection(s) have been paid off, proof you have solved a dispute with a creditor, other pertinent information, or you request to be removed from the waitlist, please mail, email or fax your information to:

Housing Kitsap Mutual Self-Help
Attn: Self-Help Coordinator
345 6th Street
Suite 100
Bremerton, WA 98337-1891
Attn: Mutual Self-Help
Waitlist Coordinator
(360) 535-6169
Subject: Waitlist Info Update
Waitlist Coordinator

Please save a copy of your updates and requests for your files.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reach out to everyone to update their waitlist information on file. We ask that you contact us with updates regarding your income, household size and credit scores so we have the most accurate information when we are able to offer you a hoemownership opportunity. Depending on your location preference(s), the waitlist can be very long. Until we begin forming Build Groups, we are unable to answer every inquiry that comes in. In the meantime, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Home Ownership Opportunities pages, to find answers to many of your questions.