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How do I apply to the program?

The "How to Apply section" explains the steps you should take to apply for one of our subsidized housing programs.

Where are Low Income Public Housing buildings and communities located?

Buildings and communities are located throughout Kitsap County. The Locations section includes a map of most of these properties, along with information about each, including the types of apartments offered, parking options, nearby bus routes, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Which waiting list should I choose?

To apply for a Low Income Housing program, you must choose the communities in which you are interested in applying. You will then be added to those waiting lists. Please note that you may not be offered the exact unit size you prefer.

May I change my waiting list choices later?

Yes, you may switch waiting lists. If you switch, your date of application will change to the date you made the switch.

How long does it take to get housing?

The wait for housing varies, depending on the size of your family and the length of the waiting list at the site you have selected.

Are pets allowed in Low Income Public Housing buildings?

Small dogs, cats, birds and fish are allowed in Low Income Public Housing buildings.

What if I have special needs?

Please tell us if you need assistance of any kind to access our services, and let us know if you need special features in your housing. (For example, we can often provide large print materials, wheelchair accessibility, customized interviews, and housing in specific locations.) If you need an interpreter or a translator, tell us, and we will provide one for you. We will make every effort to meet your needs.

How do I change my address with Housing Kitsap?
You must tell Housing Kitsap in person or in writing of any change in your address. To submit a change of address in person, fill out a change of address form at:

Housing Kitsap

2244 Northwest Bucklin Hill Road

Silverdale, WA 98383


Otherwise, write a brief letter that includes your name, Social Security Number, previous address, and new address. Fax this letter to 360-535-6107 or mail it to Housing Kitsap at the address above. Please note that changing your address with the United States Postal Service does not change your address with Housing Kitsap. You must update us separately.

May I add or remove others from my application?
You may add or remove people from your application by submitting the change in writing to the address listed above. Please include your name and Social Security Number and the information to be changed.


Adding or removing people may affect your eligibility for some units. If the change affects your eligibility for a unit of a certain size (as measured by the number of bedrooms), you will be moved to the waiting list for the correct unit size. Your date of application stays the same.

How do I cancel my application?
You may cancel your application at any time by writing to Housing Kitsap at the address listed above. When cancelling your pre-application, please include your name and Social Security Number and the program(s) for which you applied.

Can Housing Kitsap deny assistance?
Yes. Even if you can prove that you need housing, Housing Kitsap is required by federal law and regulations to refuse assistance if you do not qualify.

Does Housing Kitsap verify personal information?
Yes. At various stages of the application process, Housing Kitsap may verify all sources of your income, your credit records, your criminal history and your residential history. Housing Kitsap will only share your information with HUD and Tax Credit/Partners and as permitted by law in the federal housing program.