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Letter from Executive Director


Since its formation in 1982, Housing Kitsap has steadfastly worked to achieve its affordable housing mission. Currently, we manage over 900 dwelling units of public and affordable housing for households with low and moderate incomes in 18 communities throughout the county and deploy, in a partnership with the Bremerton Housing Authority, 374 housing choice vouchers serving more than 2,000 people.


In 2015, we began a five year strategic plan process. In those discussions, we reconsidered many aspects and adopted a new mission statement. I am particularly proud of this because of its simplicity:


Housing Kitsap manages, preserves and builds safe, affordable housing

serving individuals, families and communities throughout Kitsap County.


To implement the mission statement, we established five long term goals including (1) improving the way we meet all of our regulatory and debt commitments; (2), expanding the supply of housing in the county; (3) greater advocacy; (4) increasing our capacity as a real estate and property management organization; and (5) expanding our resident programs.


This framework informs our annual work plan, that this year, encompasses some very exciting initiatives including consideration of moving our offices from Bremerton to a new location in the County. We are not sure where we might end up but we are exploring our options in the County to find a new home that is less expensive to operate and more central to our clients. Also, we intend to implement a new software system, continue planning for several potential development projects including two in the City of Poulsbo, supporting and growing our sister organization Building Affordable Strategic Innovative Communities (BASIC) as the focus of expanding HK’s resident services programs, and continue our new home construction ownership program to provide housing to more than 60 families over the next two years.


Meeting our goals is possible because of the leadership and direction provided by our Board of Commissioners, the extraordinary contributions of our dedicated staff, and the public and private sector partnerships we have enjoyed throughout our community. We look forward to continuing working with all of Kitsap County in the coming year and wish to thank you all for your support and commitment to affordable housing.


Stuart Grogan

Executive Director