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BASIC stands for Build Affordable Strategic Innovative Communities.

BASIC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created in 2001 to support the activities, business, housing and mission of Housing Kitsap, the housing authority that serves Kitsap County. Housing Kitsap’s mission is:


Housing Kitsap manages, preserves and builds safe affordable housing serving individuals, families and communities throughout Kitsap County.


Thank You! for giving to B.A.S.I.C. during the 2017 Kitsap Great Give!

More Information

Housing Kitsap owns and operates approximately 974 dwelling units throughout Kitsap County for households with low and moderate incomes.


BASIC’s activities in support of Housing Kitsap have included:

  • Supporting an after school tutoring and mentoring homework club for school age children;
  • Working with teen groups to provide alternative training and mentoring opportunities;
  • Participation in community events like Silverdale’s Whaling Days;
  • Raising grant funds from local sources including the Community Foundation, private foundations, and regional professional organizations;
  • Work with the United Way and other community service groups to support, coordinate and implement community wide initiatives; and
  • Partnership with Housing Kitsap on its development projects.


We Need You!

BASIC’s focus since the recession has been primarily on young people in Housing Kitsap’s public housing. This is much narrower than in the past and BASIC would like to expand its role. All of the households living in Housing Kitsap’s dwelling units need support especially the growing number of seniors. Whether BASIC should provide them support directly or engage with other agencies to provide them support takes planning, research and careful thought. The primary focus for the Board in the coming months will be a strategic planning exercise to answer the question of where BASIC should focus its time, commitment, and fundraising efforts to support Housing Kitsap, its residents, and the county.


BASIC’s leadership consists of a five member Board of Directors that engages in strategic planning, provides oversight of the activities of the non-profit, and helps raise funds. The Board of BASIC is currently seeking two (2) new volunteer members from the community. The current Board will review applications and make recommendations of candidates. There are only two minimum requirements: you must be 21 years of age or older, and you must be able to commit the time to both attend regular meetings and participate in BASIC’s activities. The Board’s goal is to ensure that its membership is as diverse, inclusive and representative as possible of all of Kitsap County and includes the skills and experiences needed to operate the organization effectively.


Board members serve a 3 year term, generally meet once a month and participate with other board members in activities and events sponsored or supported by BASIC. Board members work with Housing Kitsap’s Executive Director and Housing Kitsap’s resident services and property management staff on planning and coordination.


Interested persons are invited to submit an application letter that provides the information and responds to the questions noted below. The current Board of BASIC will review the applications, may interview applicants, and will recommend finalists to serve on the Board.


In your application letter, please provide the following:



Telephone #:


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself including your education, how long you have lived in Kitsap County or the region and where you are employed or a summary of your professional background. We invite you to include a summary of some of the accomplishments that you are most proud of.

2. Why do you want to serve of the BASIC Board?

3. What do you feel are two or three of the most pressing issues facing Kitsap County?

4. Do you now, or have you ever served on a Board of Directors, non-profit, private or public? If yes, please describe your role on the Board, some of your duties and some of the things the Board worked on during your tenure.

5. Do you volunteer your time now? If yes, where and what are some of the activities you are engaged in?

6. Have you been involved, either as a participant or an organizer, in fundraising or grant writing?


Please email, fax or send via US Post your letter to:

Stuart Grogan
Executive Director
Housing Kitsap
2244 NW Bucklin Hill Road
Silverdale, WA

Off: (360) 535-6142
Fax: (360) 535-6107